School Visits

Elissa’s books have been described as hilarious, suspenseful, and thought-provoking, and her presentations strike the same balance between kid appeal, excitement, and substance. Her youth, energy, and dynamism get students fired up about reading and writing. And let’s face it, everything’s better with some healthy competition – and prizes!


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“You inspired me to try writing a book.”

– JACK C., fourth grader

“You turned my son into a reader. Thank you!”

– Mom of fouth grader, Tujunga, CA

Author Jeopardy

Elissa hosts a Jeopardy game for your class or school, complete with dollar-bill bookmarks and a prize for the winner. (It’s not a new bike, but you’d think it was with how excited the kids get!) With categories and clues about the writing process, the publishing process, the life of the writer, and two to Name that Book, this presentation provides a load of information and inspiration – all in an interactive, fun format.

The full game – plus Q&A – takes about an hour, but it can be adapted to fit any amount of time. Alex Tribeck’s appearance is not guaranteed.

Writing Workshops

Elissa has taught creating writing to children, college students, and adults. She can tailor a workshop to fit your needs – infectious enthusiasm included.

Potential Topics for Kids:
Starting Stories, In Your Character’s Socks, The Great Climax Challenge

Potential Topics for Adults:
Writing for the Current Children’s Market, Focus on Middle Grade Fiction

Nerd Camp Color War

Reading Nerd Camp or Nerd Camp 2.0? Celebrate learning by having Elissa host a Color War for your class or school! Teams compete in physical and intellectual challenges, including a scavenger hunt, logic puzzles, Jeopardy, an obstacle course, and a nerdalicious sing-off. There’s nothing like friendly competition and team spirit to get kids fired up about reading!

Color War can last anywhere from an hour to a whole week. Elissa can host for a shorter event, or she can visit in person or virtually to kick it off!

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