For Teachers

The Length of a String

Educator’s Guide – Download a complete curriculum guide for your classroom. Journal prompts, Book in a Bag project, and tons more.

Discussion Questions – Click to download discussion questions for your class, book club, or reading group.

Family Tree Activity – Construct family trees for Imani, Anna, and yourself.

Make a Paper Cup Telephone – Whisper secret messages using a length of string.

Nerd Camp series

Fondue Recipes – Cook up some melty, cheesy, chocolately heaven. With sticks.

Make Your Own Cytoplasm – Slimy cell stuff, edible and compeltely non-toxic (Nikhil made sure!)

Molecular Gastronomy – Experiment with food chemisty and eat the surprising, delicious results.

Host your own Color War! – Click to download everything you need to host a Color War with your class, including ways to break Color War, score sheets, field day and water sports, Jeopardy!, a sing-off, and more.

Scavenger Hunt – One of the best parts of Color War is the Scavenger Hunt. Click to download just the nerdy school scavenger hunt that your students will find fun-squared.

Our Story Begins

Curriculum Guide – Click to download an educator’s guide that will have your students thinking critically about this anthology and excited to create their own stories and art. Adheres to Common Core State Standards.

Book trailer – Watch seven of the authors and illustrators give a sneak peek at the things they created when they were kids.

The Short Seller

Curriculum Guide – Click to download an educator’s guidewith activities that meet Common Core State Standards for English and Math and national standards for Social Studies, Economics, and personal finance!

Standing for Socks

Reading Group Guide – Click to download discussion questions for your class or book group.

School Visit Poster

Small poster – Click to download an 8.5″ x 11″ poster to print out and display at your school before Elissa’s visit.

Large poster – Click to download an 11″ x 17″ poster to print out and display at your school before Elissa’s visit.

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