Nerd Camp 2.0

Get ready to geek out…again!

Last summer couldn’t have been more amazing for Gabe. For six glorious weeks, he was immersed in rigorous learning at the Summer Center for Gifted Enrichment, aka Nerd Camp. With summer on its way, so is Nerd Camp—2.0. But there’s a twist this year, a variable…a curveball no one could have anticipated.

Zack, Gabe’s cool stepbrother, was all set to attend a nearby sleepaway camp, but a recent wildfire destroyed that campground. Now Zack’s entire camp will be sharing the same space as the nerd camp. The summer of erudite fun that Gabe dreamed about all year has now become a geek’s nightmare, a veritable war. Can these two camps—and these two brothers—survive the summer?

“Clever, funny, and moving”
– STUART GIBBS, Author of Spy School and Belly Up



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For Teachers

Camp Prep 2.0

Fondue Recipes – Cook up some melty, cheesy, chocolately heaven. With sticks.

Make Your Own Cytoplasm – Slimy cell stuff, edible and compeltely non-toxic (Nikhil made sure!)

Molecular Gastronomy – Experiment with food chemisty and eat the surprising, delicious results.


For Teachers

Host your own Color War! – Click to download everything you need to host a Color War with your class, including ways to break Color War, score sheets, field day and water sports, Jeopardy!, a sing-off, and more.

Scavenger Hunt – One of the best parts of Color War is the Scavenger Hunt. Click to download just the nerdy school scavenger hunt that your students will find fun-squared.

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