Nerd Camp Briefs: Nikhil and the Geek Retreat

The Nerd Camp laughs continue with bite-size Nerd Camp Briefs!

Nikhil should be excited about the Summer Center for Gifted Enrichment winter retreat. It’s supposed to be a weekend of learning and fun with his best friends, Wesley and Gabe. But his mischievous little sister, Monishah, is attending the retreat too, and it’s Nikhil’s responsibility to keep her from causing trouble.

Then Mo plans something that could get them both kicked out of Nerd Camp—forever.

What’s the world’s most cautious camper to do?

Break as many rules as necessary, just to be safe.



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For Teachers

For Teachers

Host your own Color War! – Click to download everything you need to host a Color War with your class, including ways to break Color War, score sheets, field day and water sports, Jeopardy!, a sing-off, and more.

Scavenger Hunt – One of the best parts of Color War is the Scavenger Hunt. Click to download just the nerdy school scavenger hunt that your students will find fun-squared.

Fondue Recipes – Cook up some melty, cheesy, chocolately heaven. With sticks.

Make Your Own Cytoplasm – Slimy cell stuff, edible and compeltely non-toxic (Nikhil made sure!)

Molecular Gastronomy – Experiment with food chemisty and eat the surprising, delicious results.

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