School Visits

Elissa is a seasoned speaker to groups of all ages at schools, festivals, and
conferences. Her interactive, dynamic presentations get students fired up
about reading and writing.


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“You inspired me to try writing a book.”

– JACK C., fifth grade

“You turned my son into a reader. Thank you!”

– Mom of fourth grader, Tujunga, CA

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The Great Author Game Show

Elissa hosts a Jeopardy!-style game for your class or school, complete with dollar-bill bookmarks and nerd-tastic prizes. This presentation is jam-packed with information about writing and publishing with a big emphasis on revision
and perseverance, all in an interactive, fun format that keeps kids guessing—literally!

Writing Workshops

Elissa has taught creating writing to children, college students, and adults. She can tailor a workshop to fit your needs, infectious enthusiasm included.

Potential Topics for Kids:
Beginnings and Endings, Writing in Slow Motion, In Your Character’s Socks

Potential Topics for Adults:
Writing for the Current Children’s Market, Crafting Authentic Dialogue, Focus on Voice

The Story Behind The Length of a String

Get a behind-the-scenes look at The Length of a String, which blends historical and contemporary fiction. Elissa shares photos, videos, and drafts-in-progress to show how she created this award-winning book. Interactive and insightful, with an emphasis on family history, inspiration, and the importance of research.

Our Story Begins

What does it take to put together an anthology? Inspiration, collaboration, and lots of hard work. Elissa shares the process of creating and editing Our Story Begins, from a box in a basement to a star-studded lineup of authors and illustrators. This funny, interactive presentation ends with a chance to write your own anthology entry. Where will your story go?